function Download_form_CF(){
var errormessage = new String();
var vF = document.forms[“Download_form”];
if(Download_form_WithoutContent(vF[“name”].value)){errormessage += “\n\nPlease fill in the \”name\” edit field”;}
if(Download_form_NotAlphanumeric(vF[“name”].value)){errormessage += “\n\n \”name\” can only contain alphanumeric characters”;}
if(Download_form_WithoutContent(vF[“email”].value)){errormessage += “\n\nPlease fill in the \”email\” edit field”;}
if(Download_form_NotEmail(vF[“email”].value)){errormessage += “\n\nThe entry for \”email\” does not appear to be a valid email address”;}

if (errormessage.length > 2){
alert(“There are errors or ommissions in the form” + errormessage + “\n”);
return false;
return true;
} // end of Download_form_CF()

function Download_form_WithoutContent(ss){
if (ss.length>0){return false;}
return true;

function Download_form_WithoutCheck(ss){
if(ss.checked){return false;}
return true;

function Download_form_NotEmail(ss){
var splitted = ss.match(“^(.+)@(.+)$”);
if (ss.length == 0){return false;}
if(splitted == null) return true;
if(splitted[1] != null){
var regexp_user=/^\”?[\w-_\.]*\”?$/;
if(splitted[1].match(regexp_user) == null) return true;
if(splitted[2] != null){
var regexp_domain=/^[\w-\.]*\.[A-Za-z]{2,4}$/;
if(splitted[2].match(regexp_domain) == null){
var regexp_ip =/^\[\d{1,3}\.\d{1,3}\.\d{1,3}\.\d{1,3}\]$/;
if(splitted[2].match(regexp_ip) == null) return true;
return false;
return true;

function Download_form_NotAlphanumeric(ss){
var charpos =“[^ A-Za-z0-9′]”);
if(ss.length > 0 && charpos >= 0){return true;}
return false;

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